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Wedding Ceremony Types

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You’ve decided you want to get married - congratulations! Embarking on life’s journey with your partner is an exciting prospect. It is the beginning of a new chapter of your life with your husband or wife by your side and should be celebrated.

But do you know about the different kinds of wedding ceremony types that exist in the UK? At Manorview we cater to all walks of life to ensure everyone can plan the wedding of their dreams at one of our exquisite hotels.

Make stress-free memories to last a lifetime with Manorview Hotels.

Types of Wedding Ceremony

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are one of the most common kinds of wedding that couples can have in the UK. Learn all about them and how we cater to them at our extravagant choice of hotel locations across Scotland.

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Last Minute Weddings

Last minute wedding ceremonies are a way to join in matrimony with your significant other without months of planning. For some, a simple and quick ceremony is all that’s wanted or needed. Learn how Manorview can facilitate your last minute wedding plans today.

weekend wedding ceremony type

Weekend Weddings

Weekend weddings are one of the most popular kinds of weddings for the availability they provide to the couple and to guests. Whether it's a grand ceremony with hundreds or an intimate gathering of a few - talk to us now about your dream weekend wedding with Manorview.

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Midweek Weddings

For those who want a more intimate wedding, or for those who are looking for a better rate when booking - midweek weddings are a great choice. Weekdays tend not to be as busy for wedding bookings, making midweek weddings much more affordable. Book a weekday at one of our prime hotel locations today.

wedding reception banquet

Wedding Reception / Banquet

For those who aren’t tying the knot in one of our prestigious hotels, we provide reception and banquets for all kinds of wedding guest list sizes. These types of functions are ideal for those who want a religious wedding, and need a wedding venue to host their evening reception. Be it an Islamic, a Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, or any other type of religious ceremony - we’re more than happy to provide banqueting space to complete your big day.

countryside wedding ceremony

Countryside Ceremonies

For the couples that fell in love with nature, why not plan your big day in the gorgeous vistas of the Scottish countryside? With various, stunning venues to choose from, our countryside wedding ceremonies are ideal for those who want to escape the bustle of the city for a more idyllic setting. Your fairytale country setting awaits!

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FAQS About Wedding Ceremony Types

In Scotland, there are only two legal types of wedding that a couple can take part in; a religious or belief ceremony and a civil ceremony.

In Scotland, a religious wedding ceremony is the joining of two people by an approved religious leader that has been sanctioned by their religious body and the Scottish government to perform a wedding ceremony. Religious wedding ceremonies can only happen on religious premises - such as a Church, Gudwara, Mosque, or other religious buildings and venues.

In Scotland, a civil wedding ceremony is the joining of two people by a registrar. It can take place anywhere that has been approved by the registrar, even in a registration office, but cannot be conducted on religious grounds or premises.