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The Manorview Foundation

Making life better for people in poverty

Introducing the Manorview Foundation

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve established a registered charity, the Manorview Foundation – set up to help people in Scotland impacted by poverty.

About the Manorview Foundation

The Manorview Foundation was established so that we could bring the care, happiness, and comfort that hospitality offers to those who are affected by poverty. We do this by using the Manorview properties, team, resources, and connections so that we can offer hot cooked meals, happy experiences, and warm comfortable surroundings to those in need.

We are a registered charity, and we can therefore raise funds to deliver this important work. The Manorview Team also volunteer their time and skills, so that funds can be used specifically to help vulnerable people.

The Hub

In October 2023, with support from Manorview Hotels, The Hub in Coatbridge opened.

This community centre is the first opened by The Manorview Foundation, and we're delighted to launch in a community we know and love! The centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday and anyone can come in for a warm space to rest, a cuppa or a bowl of soup.

This has been made possible by generous support and donations, and as a result of the many resources and connections of Manorview Hotels. 

Our work so far

We have big ambitions, but sometimes small steps are just as valuable. So far, the Manorview Foundation has:

– Cooked and served hot meals to those without homes, alongside the amazing Homeless Project Scotland.

- Hosted a Kids Holiday Club at The Hub, giving kids a hot cooked meal and a place to come during the school holidays. 

– Hosted Christmas parties with meals, gifts and entertainment, for children who are living in poverty.

– Donated Christmas gifts for children living in poverty, so that they don’t go without on Christmas Day.

How we get help to those who need it

Hosting Events

We use Manorview properties to host events – offering people a warm comfortable place, tasty food and happy moments.


The Manorview team volunteer their time and expertise for various initiatives, such as cooking and serving hot cooked meals to those affected by poverty and homelessness.


We donate items to those in need so that they don’t miss out on the little comforts and joys life can bring. This has included things like donating gifts to kids at Christmas.

“We know how to develop properties, operate hospitality venues, cook meals, host guests and run events. So we want to use these skills and resources to make a difference to those affected by poverty.”

Steve Graham

Founder of Manorview & Manorview Foundation

How we raise funds

Fundraising Events & Activities

We organise a number of fundraising activities, such as charity football matches, sky dives, hikes and events, to raise money for the charity. We also get our supporters to participate in organised events like the Kilt Walk, marathons, or other activities, and they raise funds this way.

Charity Partnerships

We ask hospitality suppliers and partners to help us fundraise in different ways. Across Manorview bars and restaurants, there is a charity cocktail on each menu, whereby £1 from every sale goes to the Manorview Foundation.


We have various donation opportunities in place via Manorview Hotels. For example, guests can add a donation when booking their hotel room or can order a charity cocktail in our restaurants (meaning a certain % is donated to the charity). These donations are vital to help us continue our work.