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All About Us

Operating a collection of hospitality venues in Central Scotland is what we do, but who we are is so much more than that.
More Than Meets The Eye

We’re an independent Scottish hospitality operator with 12 venues across Central Scotland.

But we’re so much more than the buildings we own, or the hospitality experiences we deliver. Behind what you can see is a bold, determined, and passionate team on a mission to make life better for people through hospitality.

Discover more about who we are as a business, employer, and team.

Proudly Independent

Since being established in 2007, we’ve operated as a fully independent hospitality business. We have 3 board members who actively work in and around the business. We have no external shareholders which means money is reinvested in our team and business and decisions are made by the people who care about more than just profit.

Hospitality with Heart

Our mission is to make life better through hospitality, so we care deeply about having a positive impact on our team, customers, and communities. Every year our amazing team fundraise, donate, and volunteer. We recently founded our own registered charity, the Manorview Foundation, to ensure our charitable efforts can do more and go further.

Sharing Our profits

Without our amazing team, there would be no Manorview. To show our gratitude, we share 10% of our net profits with everyone who has been with us 12+ months. In January 2023, £162,479 was shared with our team via our Heartcount Profit Share Scheme.

Care & Fairness

Care and fairness leads so much of our decision making. It’s why in 2021 we became an accredited Living Wage employer. Everyone in our business now earns this at the least – giving a foundation for a fair pay structure. Additionally, our only bonus is our profit share, meaning we don’t only give monetary bonuses to a few within the team. We’re also on a mission to have 100 qualified mental health first aiders in our business to look out for our team. To date, we have 40.

Always Investing

We invest our profits back into our business to ensure we have amazing hospitality experiences our customers love. It’s unusual for more than a few months to go by without us upgrading our properties! This helps us to create a stable and sustainable business and look out for our team.

Supporting Our Team on Their Journey

Being a group means we can fully support our team throughout their career journey – as there are so many opportunities for learning and growth. We have an annual training calendar for our team. And many people at Manorview have experienced great career growth with us – coming in as a new start to our hotels and going on to be General Managers and more.

On a mission to make life better through hospitality.

When tough days happen and things get challenging, our team is fuelled by our mission, which is to make life better through hospitality. Doing this isn’t simple, and we’ve so much more we want to achieve. But for now, we want to share some of what we’ve already done to have a positive impact on people and communities…

Our teams decide who they want to recognise!

Every venue will crown someone Team Member of the Month – but this is voted for by the venue teams and not managers or leaders. This makes a better place to work because it gives our teams the power to recognise and reward their colleagues.

We have several Mental Health First Aiders

Anyone can struggle with their mental and emotional wellbeing at some point, and we want to make sure someone is about when our team need it most. That’s why we have several trained and qualified Mental Health First Aiders throughout our group.

We tell our people how the business is doing

Good or bad, we tell our team. Every few months we host a Business Update Live where we share successes (and struggles) with the team so that they really understand what’s going on in our business. We believe our team deserves to know the bigger picture!

We pay everyone the Real Living Wage

Everyone in our business is paid the Real Living Wage at a minimum. It’s higher than National Minimum Wage, is calculated independently based on the real cost of living, and is reviewed annually.

For someone aged 23 working full time, the difference between the national minimum wage and the real Living Wage is £1,150 over a year, so it can have a big impact on the salary that team members take home. When the Living Wage increases (as it does most years) so do our team’s wages.

We zeroed-out zero hour contracts

We knew we could make Manorview a better place to work by giving our team better security. That’s why we no longer offer zero-hour contracts. We will only ever use one if the team member specifically requests it for their own reasons.

We raised £90,000 for a Scottish Children’s Charity

We made hospitality better for Scotland’s children by collectively raising £90,000 for When You Wish Upon A Star. The money will pay for a plane full of families with sick children to visit Santa in Lapland this coming Christmas.

Everyone in our business gets a paid holiday every year specifically to fundraise or volunteer to help make this happen.

We share our profits with the team

We’re making Manorview a better place to work by sharing our profits. 10% of net profits are shared with everyone who has been in our business 12+ months. And because fairness is a HUGE deal to us, the amount people get is calculated on hours worked and NOT pay. That means that it doesn’t matter if you’re a KP, Housekeeper, GM or Director, if you work the same hours you get the same profit share amount.

We removed individual bonuses from our business

Name us someone who has achieved something entirely by themselves with NO support or help from anyone ever. Impossible right? That’s why nobody in our business has a bonus incentive on their contract. Instead, everyone who has been with us 12+ months is included in our profit share scheme, Heartcount.

PS. We realise this may be off-putting to you and that’s ok, we just really believe in fairness and couldn’t see how some people being able to earn a bonus and not others was fair. If like us you champion fairness, then actually you might love this fact!

We give our team a voice

Listening to our team and giving them a voice is high on our agenda. We host listening sessions and team surveys to ensure our team can give us their thoughts and feedback. Ultimately a business that listens will be a better business to work for, and that’s why we’re doing this.

Disclaimer: With a 500+ strong team, this isn’t easy to do. We’re still trying to get better at it!

Championing the living wage


We’re proud to be an accredited Living Wage employer. This means everyone in our business (no matter role or age) is paid the real Living Wage at a minimum.


The Living Wage is a wage rate that’s independently calculated on the true cost of living and is higher than the government’s minimum wage. 


In fact, for a 20-year-old working 37.5 hours a week, they earn £610.52 more per month than if they were only paid the government’s minimum wage.

Ensuring our team have mental health support 

Anyone, no matter who they are, can experience mental health challenges at some stage in their life. To ensure we can support our team if they need us, we have an independent Employee Assistance Programme that is free to all of our team members. They can access support, guidance, and counselling via this service.


We also have 40 qualified mental health first aiders in our business at present who can offer help and direction to someone in crisis. We have a target of 100 qualified mental health first aiders that we’re working towards.

Are you a Maker of Moments?

From wedding vows and family meals to romantic nights away or big birthday celebrations. We make these moments happen so our customers can create magical memories.

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