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Manorview Hotels Limited

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Statement 2023

As an employer with a workforce of more than 250 employees in the UK, we must comply with the statutory provisions regarding Gender Pay Gap Reporting. This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation; it will not involve publishing individual employees’ data.

We are required to publish the results on our own website and the government gender pay website. (See table below)

Manorview Hotels Limited is an equal opportunities employer. We currently employ more women (55%) than men (45%), a position which has been consistent for the last few years.

All team members are recruited under the same structure, and their earning ability depends on their success and career progress. All our team are encouraged to grow and earn to their full potential. Any pay gap difference shown will be as a result of differing roles & bandings; however, all team members working in the same bandings will be earning the same rewards. As highlighted in our previous statement, we were taking action to reduce the gender pay gap, and as of August 2021 we have implemented the Real Living Wage.

In 2018, Manorview Hotels Limited introduced a profit share bonus scheme, the “Manorview Heartcount Fund”. This enabled all team members with at least 12 months continuous service to participate in a share of 10% of the Companies Net Profits in proportion to their Hours Worked. In January 2023, we shared our 2021 – 2022 profits with the team.

We will publish the results again in April 2025 as a requirement of the government initiative into equal pay. Please note the data on the table below is taken from the snapshot date of 31 March 2023.


1 Mean Gender Pay Gap - Ordinary Pay   3%
2 Median Gender Pay Gap - Ordinary Pay   0%
3 Mean Gender Pay Gap - Bonus pay in the 12 months ending 31 March   11%
4 Median Gender Pay Gap - Bonus pay in the 12 months ending 31 March   33%
5 The proportion of male and female employees paid a bonus in the 12 months ending 31 March  

Males 50%

Females 56%

6 Proportion of male and female employees in each quartile Female % Male %
  Lower Quartile 62% 38%
  Lower Middle Quartile 62% 38%
  Upper Middle Quartile 51% 49%
  Upper Quartile 53% 47%