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Your Day Has A Big Impact

Your Day Has A Big Impact

Your Day Has A Big Impact

If you’re here, it’s because you’re considering hosting your wedding day at one of our 8 Manorview wedding venues. Firstly – thank you. It means a lot to us that we might get the chance to be part of such an important and memorable milestone.

We also wanted to let you know that if you do book your wedding with us, that you are part of a bigger picture – our journey to make life better through hospitality. Keep reading to find out more…

Supporting kids & communities in Scotland

It's so important to us that we can give back. It's why we launched a registered charity in 2023. This charity aims to support people experiencing hardship and poverty. We launched a community hub in Coatbridge where we host kids clubs during school holidays, have community-led events and give other community organisations and charities a place to do great things, too. In 2023, Manorview also hosted free Christmas parties for over 1,700 kids in need, offering them a meal, a fun party, gift and goody bag - and we're committed to doing this every year. 

We pay the Real Living Wage

Everyone in our business earns the real living wage. This wage is independently calculated based on the true cost of living, and we pay it voluntarily because it's the right thing to do. It's higher than the government's minimum wage - and with the cost of living on the rise, we want to help our team as much as possible. This is one way we do it. 

We give back to our team

The one thing we hear time and time again from our wedding couples is 'your team made our day great'! Our team really do make moments special, and that's why we make sure we give back to them. 

Every person who's been with us for 12+ months gets a share of our year-end profits. It's calculated based on hours, not pay or job title. So, whether someone is a Housekeeper, Manager, or Director, they get the same share. We believe doing so continues to motivate them to create an outstanding experience for our guests and shows them how much we value their contributions. 

We also throw an all-expenses paid celebration for our team each January - our team hosts so many fun celebrations it's only right they get to experience one too!

We take great care of our venues

Our venues get the TLC they need - as we always want our guests to experience our properties at their best. We have a full-time maintenance team who keep our venues in great shape, and we have valued partners such as landscape gardeners who work on specialist areas. The profits we make are also heavily reinvested back into our properties for continuous investment. 

Thanks for helping us do great things

We hope you can see that if you host your big day with us, therefore giving us your hard-earned money, we will continuously commit to doing the right thing, and having a positive impact on team and communitites. Without you, we simply couldn't do this - so, thank you, and happy wedding planning!