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Yoga Classes

Glasgow Yoga Classes at Bowfield

Learn how to balance your mind and body, whilst toning, stretching and strengthening your whole body.

Yoga is a calm and spiritual exercise class that focuses on both physical and mental exercises in order to sculpt your body, improve your flexibility and overall strength. As a low intensity exercise class, yoga is perfect for all fitness levels, ages and body shapes. Release your inner yoga bunny at our yoga classes by Paisley, Glasgow.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga stimulates your whole body, offering regular yoga enthusiasts physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

Targeting your core, lower and upper body, yoga provides you with a full-body workout at a lower intensity. With gentle and fluid stretches, yoga enables you to increase your flexibility, improve your posture and tone all muscle groups.s The focus on controlled breathing in yoga not only improves lung capacity but also serves as a powerful stress reliever, calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and yoga can help you achieve a relaxed and calm mindset. Mindful attention to the present moment, a core principle of yoga, promotes mental clarity and focus. The fluidity of yoga helps to train your mind to focus on relaxing your energy more efficiently and to focus on positive energy and self-assurance. 


Slow-paced, smooth and controlled movements allow you to focus on breathing and meditation.


Basic moves and controlled breathing techniques, but to a more upbeat tempo, allowing you to flow through the movements in a more synchronised manner.

What to Wear & Bring to Yoga

Our yoga classes, Johnstone, by Glasgow, involve smooth and fluid movements, so make sure you wear something that is comfortable and allows you to stretch and bend your body into various positions. Remember, you’ll work up a sweat, too, so make sure your outfit is breathable! 

All you need to bring to yoga is yourself and a water bottle. We’ll supply the music, the mats and the motivation.