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Fitness Classes at Bowfield Health Club

Fitness Classes at Bowfield Health Club

Our fitness classes are designed to inspire and empower you on your journey to optimal health. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our diverse range of classes caters to all levels, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive experience for everyone.

A New Spin Experience

Experience an exceptional spinning adventure at our Spin Studio with Life Fitness IC7 bikes and expert spin coaches. Our dynamic classes, elevated lighting, and top-notch sound system create an amazing atmosphere to enhance your workout.

We have Spin classes available every day, including Spin Endurance and Spin Cross sessions, which incorporate the revolutionary Coach By Color® system. This progressive system leverages the natural stimulating properties of colour to precisely guide your effort during classes. Members with varying fitness levels can join the same class and work towards common training goals together.

Get Fitter, Stronger and Better at Bowfield

We offer comprehensive fitness classes to suit diverse preferences and goals. From heart-pumping cardio sessions to strength-building workouts and mind-body balance classes, our expert instructors lead engaging sessions that cater to various fitness levels and interests. From burning fat to building muscle, our classes help with all aspects of your physicality.

Try out the Les Mills BODYPUMP™ barbell workout for all-around muscle strength and power, or challenge your cardio fitness with a high-energy BODYATTACK™ class. 

Low Impact & Water-Based Exercising

It’s not all about high-impact, high-intensity! Many of our members favour lower-impact classes such as Yoga, Aqua Aerobics in our pool or Low Impact Circuits.

These are fantastic ways of improving or maintaining your fitness while being gentler on muscles, bones, and joints! All are available with your Bowfield Membership.

Dance-based fitness classes are also available for your mind, body and soul! We love Zumba, and Barre Pilates, both available at our club.