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Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes in Glasgow

Freshen up your fitness routine and add some versatility with a Bowfield Pilates class. Pilates targets the deep muscles of the abdomen and lower back, promoting a strong, stable core. Beyond its core-centric focus, Pilates exercises enhance overall flexibility, improve posture, and foster a mind-body connection through intentional and precise movements. It is ideal for those seeking a sustainable and mindful approach to fitness.

Post-Pilates class you’ll feel rejuvenated, relaxed and at peace.

Benefits of Pilates

Embrace the transformative power of Pilates and discover a world of holistic benefits. At its core, Pilates strengthens the body's deep muscles, particularly the core, fostering improved posture, stability, and balance.This low-impact exercise method enhances flexibility, promoting elongated and toned muscles while mitigating the risk of injury.

Pilates also strongly emphasises breath control and concentration, cultivating a mind-body connection that not only sharpens mental focus but also reduces stress.

Sculpt long, lean muscles in your arms and legs, embracing a slimmer, more toned you.

Our Pilates classes are a community. Pilates attracts similar-minded people who enjoy a relaxed style of exercise. Join our Glasgow Pilates family and enjoy the atmosphere of a group workout. 

What to Wear & Bring

Pilates is a low-impact workout concentrating on fluid, smooth movements, so opt for breathable fabrics that allow full range of motion. When it comes to your feet, socks with light grips are recommended to provide stability during exercises, allowing you to glide smoothly without falling. 

Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the workout, as proper hydration is crucial for optimal performance. Although the intensity is lower, you’ll still elevate your heart-rate and work up a sweat. 

Don’t worry, all equipment and maps are provided for you. All we need is for you to turn up to class on time, ready to stretch and elongate your muscles.

Exercises to Expect in Our Pilates Classes in Glasgow

Our instructors will lead you through various movements to stretch and target various body areas including your core, lower body and upper body. You can expect the following movements to be included: 

The Hundred – a simple breathing exercise that targets your core and stretches your spine.

The Roll Up - a slow and controlled move that stretches the spine and lower back whilst targeting your abdominals. 

Leg circles – this gentle movement will stabilise your hips and core. 

Rolling like a ball – this exercise will open your back and massage your spine.

Series of 5 – a group of movements that target and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles.