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We're sharing £273,560 of profit with our team!

This week, we announced we're sharing over 1/4 million pounds of profit with our team via our Heartcount profit share scheme.

Our Heartcount profit share scheme sees everyone in the business who has 12+ months service qualify for a share of 10% of Manorview's net profits. 

The total amount being shared this year is £273,560 - and 471 team members have qualified. The profit share will be an earnings boost for all qualifying team members, and for many of the team, it will equate to 2 weeks' worth of pay. The profit share is the biggest we've ever had - after having shared the previous record of £162,479 with the team in January 2023.

The amount each qualifying person gets is calculated on hours worked during a 12-month period - NOT on job title or salary. This was a very intentional decision made by the Manorview team. 

Our Managing Director, David Tracey, said "Fairness is at the heart of our decisions. Every person in every role across our business impacts our success, so it's right that profit is shared in a fair way. The calculation process ultimately means that it doesn't matter whether someone is a Kitchen Porter, Bar Team, Wedding Sales Manager, General Manager, Housekeeper or Director - if they've worked the same hours, they get the same profit share."

On January 24th, the team were treated to an all-expenses-paid party at The Arches in Glasgow to celebrate Heartcount Day. The 'Wild West' themed party was full of surprises for the team. They were treated to street food, drinks, a band and dancers - in addition to lots of activities like a Buckin' Bronco, photo booths and a glitter face paint bar. All team members were invited to attend, and travel to and from the party venue is also taken care of.

Manorview Chairman, Steve Graham, commented "We close all our venues so that every team member can attend. It's fantastic to get everyone together to show our thanks and appreciation and celebrate what can be achieved as a team. I'm delighted that we can once again share profits with our team members. They so so much for our guests and our communities, and thoroughly deserve it."

The team at Manorview will get their Heartcount profit share in their February pay. And the countdown to their January 2025 celebrations is already on.