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Bothwell Bridge Hotel to close for venue transformation project

As of October 16th, Bothwell Bridge Hotel will be closed fully to allow us to embark on an exciting venue transformation project. We brought the hotel into the collection a few months ago. Though our intention was always to invest in the property, the reality is that the inside and outside of the building needs some TLC sooner than initially anticipated. That said, we took the difficult (albeit right) decision to bring this process forward and close sooner.

We will be fully renovating it, inside and out, with the local community and visiting customers in mind. It will remain a hotel, wedding/events venue and restaurant and bar – but with a new look.

As of yet, we do not have a clear picture of our re-opening date. But rest assured as soon as we know more – you will all be first to know! In an effort to learn more about what you’d love to see happen at Bothwell, we will also likely ask you to participate in some chats or surveys in the future.

The team who work at Bothwell Bridge will work in other Manorview venues while the works take place.

We anticipate you may have some questions, so we hope the below will help:

Will the bar and restaurant be open again before you close in October?

No, it will not, this will remain closed.

Will I be able to come and stay in the hotel before you close in October?

Unfortunately not, at the moment we are only fulfilling existing hotel bookings related to a wedding or event.

Will you re-open as a hotel and venue?

Absolutely. Though we are fully renovating the building, we will remain a hotel, wedding and events venue and bar and restaurant. Just with a new look!

What about any weddings or events that were booked?

We will continue to deliver any weddings or events that happen before October 16th
2022. For anything falling after that date, we’ve already contacted those with bookings to consult them and offer alternatives.

When will you re-open?

We don’t have a re-opening date yet. But as and when we know more, we’ll be delighted to share updates with our customers and community.