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Dog Friendly Hotel in Loch Lomond

All canines welcome!

At The Tarbet Hotel, we are proud to be a dog friendly hotel in Loch Lomond that provides everything you need to have an adventure with your four legged friend. Embark on a tail-wagging adventure that neither of you will forget. Whether you crave a leisurely stroll along the scenic lochside or a challenging hike in the majestic Arrochar Alps, the Tarbet and Arrochar area has something for everyone (four legs or not!).

Dog Walking in Tarbet & Arrochar

Tarbet, Arrochar, and the local area are full of great places to take your dog for a walk or hike, depending on what you'll both enjoy. There are a wide range of routes to consider, but here are some of the best ones:

dog friendly hotel loch lomond

Dog Walks

The local Tarbet and Arrochar area is great for "walkies" with your four legged friend. There's a vast range of different routes you can take for a gentle walk with a view. Why not try:

  • The Tarbet Isle walk. This is a gentle, easy walk that will guide you through the woodlands near Tarbet before providing you with a gorgeous view across Loch Lomond, including the Tarbet Isle, with Ben Lomond looming in the distance. This route features both a low route and a high route, depending on how easy you want the walk to be.
  • The Hidden Heritage Trail. This is another gentle walk that follows the Three Lochs Way in a 3.5 mile circular walk through both Arrochar and Tarbet. On this walk you'll be able to get some great views of The Cobbler, Loch Long, and (of course) Loch Lomond. 

Dog Hikes

If you're in for more of a challenge for both you and your furry companion, then there are plenty of hiking trails that are suitable for both two and four legs. Why not try hiking:

  • Beinn Ime Hike. This is a great hike that'll fill your day with adventure and wonderful views. For a total of 9 miles, this trail takes you to the peak of Beinn Ime and starts at Succoth. This is a fairly challenging hike, so be sure to have everything you need!
  • Another great (but challenging) hike to take with your furry friend is the Arrochar, Tarbet and Cruach Tairbeirt Circular hike. This hike is around 7 miles and starts in Tarbet near the hotel, takes you up the Cruach Tairbeirt just down the road, and down through Arrochar to finish back near the hotel.
Beaches & Rivers in Tarbet & Arrochar

We all know that dogs love a good swim, be it in the shallows of a Loch or frolicking across a river. Thankfully, the area around the Arrochar Alps are abundant with water bodies your fur baby can indulge in.

dog swimming on a beach

Nearby Beaches

One of the benefits of staying so close to Loch Lomond is the variety of choice you'll have for beaches, such as:

  • The beach down by Tarbet's cruise port. Of course, not too close to the pier, but just up the Loch's shores to the North is a wonderfully sandy beach that's soft under-paw with plenty of shallows for a dip.
  • Not too far from Arrochar up the A83 near Succoth are plenty of spots along the shores of Long Long that are great to for your four legged friend to go for a dip.
dog swimming in river

Rivers & Pools

If your pooch is more of a river or pool kind of dog, then there's plenty in the nearby area to both Tarbet and Arrochar for them to explore, such as:

  • The various pools, streams and rivers that populate the Cobbler hike. At various points long the hike trail, there are areas where your dog can take a dip to cool off and indulge.
  • On the hikes up near Beinn Ime and Beinn Narnain are also some great spots for swimming and paddling for your canine friend. Just always be sure to check the depth and make sure its safe!
FAQs About Our Dog Friendly Hotel

Booking your hotel room with your furry companions should be no different than booking a hotel room if it were just you, or you and your fellow explorers. We'd recommend booking your accommodation with us as soon as you can to ensure you can reserve the space you need on the dates you want. Please contact our friendly booking team and they'll happily assist you with your booking arrangements.

At The Tarbet Hotel, we don't have any restrictions on the breed of your furry companion that is staying with you. Of course, larger breeds will require more space and this should be considered when booking. We only permit dogs allowed under the UK Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) - prohibited dog breeds will not be offered lodging.

If your dog is responsible for damaging hotel property, as the dog's owner, you will be required to pay for any damages.

At the moment we don't provide dog food at our hotel, but there are plenty of nearby shops from which you can buy dog food in Arrochar.

At Tarbet we want to make your dog's stay just as delightful as yours will be! We have plenty of water bowls outside the hotel and in the hotel bar for hydration, dog treats at the reception and bar, towels, and even Puppacinos!

There are three vet clinics nearby the Tarbet hotel. In Alexandria there's the McKenzie Vet Practice and in Helensburgh there's both Lomond Veterinary Clinic and the Parklea Veterinary Surgery.

Yes. More details on our dog policy can be found on our dedicated dog policy page. If you have any additional questions, be sure to reach out to our team - we'll be happy to assist you.

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