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About Us

Where friends & family gather

Boclair House in Bearsden, a leafy Glasgow suburb. Here, friends and family meet to celebrate life's moments both big and small.

Our venue is exclusive-use for private events, such as weddings, corporate gatherings and other special occasions. 

We’re a Living Wage Employer

We’re a proud accredited Living Wage employer. This means that everyone in our team, regardless of role or age, is paid the real Living Wage at a minimum. This wage is independently calculated to reflect the true cost of living. We pay it voluntarily, and it’s higher than the government’s minimum wage.

We’re very proud of this. And we want you to know that when you choose to spend your hard-earned money at Boclair House, you are supporting our team too.

We share our profits with our team

Commercial is part of Manorview, an independent Scottish hospitality group. Because of the strength of our group, we can take care of our team.

One of the ways we do this, is by sharing 10% of net profits we make with every team member who has been with us for 12 months or more. The amount each person gets is calculated on average hours worked, NOT on job title or pay. This means no matter the role, everyone gets a fair share of the profits.

Making life better for people in poverty

Our team volunteer and fundraise for the Manorview Foundation, a registered charity set up to support people experiencing hardship and poverty. Through this, we get meals to the homeless, host Christmas parties for underprivileged kids, and various other activities.

About Manorview

We're part of Manorview, an independent Scottish hospitality group. Manorview own and operate 12 hospitality venues throughout west central Scotland, all unique and boutique. Properties include our sister hotel, Bowfield Hotel & Spa, as well as Lynnhurst in Johnstone.

We're a proud Living Wage employer, and we also support our registered charity, the Manorview Foundation.