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Fancy a drink?


Where crackin' drinks and live music set the scene for the perfect night out!

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Whether you’re in the mood to sip on a classic Pornstar Martini, split the G of a Guinness, or add a spirited twist to your night out with a shooter, we invite you to clink glasses, share banter, and make memories over liquid medication. 

Mohr, mohr, mohr

Raise your spirits with our unbeatable drink promotions. Dive into the weekend with Spirits starting at just £2.75, and kick back with a refreshing Corona, Tennent's, or Budweiser, from just £3. Enjoy the bold flavours of Dead Man's Fingers shot for just £3 for those looking to add a twist to their night. And if you're feeling adventurous, our Venom Sharer is only £9.95.

Every session needs a soundtrack

From spirits that harmonise with the rhythm to crisp pints that amplify the beats, our stage is always buzzing with an ever-changing lineup of Innish all-stars who perform live every weekend.

Check out our live music lineup for this weekend!